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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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video just came into our newsroom from our nbc helicopter in the past 15 minutes. it shows firefighters pulling the man to safety. we're told he is hurt but conscious and breathing. >> it didn't go down without a fight. raymond "shrimp boy" chow, the notorious chinatown gangster lashed out in court saying he was wrongly convicted. the judge disagreed and sente e sentenced him to life in prison. he was convicted back in january of 162 counts ranging from murder to conspiracy to racketeering and monday laundering. today the federal judge gave him two life sentences for those crimes. the judge said he agreed with the prosecutor who call him a babbittial liar, narcissist and parasite. chow says he'll fight for an appeal. a collective sigh of relief tonight on the front lines of a wildfire. evacuation orders have been l t
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lifted jodi hernandez has been tracking the fire all day and joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: despite all the good news this, fire is far from contained. >> reporter: that's right. we're waiting for updated information and word is this fire is just 15% contained. you may remember the skyline behind us was smoke and darky at this time yesterday and while it has cleared up tonight firefighters say that could change at any time and they are not about to let down their guard. >> they have done an awesome job, really done an awesome job. >> reporter: carolyn couldn't be more relieved after riding out a scary night at the canyon creek campground where she watched. the fire crossed the contain line yesterday afternoon, igniting the nearby hillside and burning awfully close to the campground. >> the flames came right to the back of the cabin area so it was close. >> that was the height of it last night. >> reporter: cal fire says
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yesterday's wind caused the flare-up and have been hammering the fire from the air ever since and while things look much better today, the danger hasn't passed. >> very, very steep back there. as everyone knows anything can happen like we saw yesterday so still a long road ahead of us. >> it's like 99% better than what it was this morning so i can finally breathe and -- and it doesn't smell so much of smoke right now. >> reporter: residents and campers are grateful. they say without the quick and strong response from firefighters, the popular recreation spot would have been destroyed. >> they saved all the, you know, the buildings and the campgrounds and all of the rvs. they had to be left here because everyone else was evacuated. we just thank the lord and everything and everyone who helped. >> reporter: now that campground remains under an evacuation order tonight, but residents have been allowed to return to their homes. now firefighters are still trying to build a containment wall around the fire, trying to box it in.
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we're hoping to get an update on their progress in about an hour. reporting live in winters, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in morant eye fire the soberanes fire continues to burn and fire crews are steadily gaining the upper hand. it's now 27% contained. the massive fire began two weeks ago, and it's destroyed more than 50 homes and taken one life. rescuers believed it was caused by someone who lit an illegal camp fire. gridlock and chaos in the courtroom. that's how attorneys are describing day two of this court clerk strike in the south bay. clerks chanted outside the hall of justice in san jose today. the main issue, their pay. the strike means judges can't get the cases and the cases are getting continued so the backlog is growing. now the court has not commented on the strike except to call it unfortunate. >> we are on the eve of the opening ceremony.
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a live look at baja olympic park in rio. one of four clusters around the city. the world is getting ready to tune in. >> and much like other olympic cities of the past rio is frantically getting ready just to host this epic party and guess who is in rio for us. nbc bay area jessica aguirre at the olympic park. jessica, what do you think? first impressions? how is it down there? >> oh, it is fantastic. welcome to brazil. i am in olympic park. i'm in the city of rio de janiero. marvelous city as they call it. it is the first south american city to host the olympic games. raj, as you know normally when you think of rio you think of samba and carnival and its beautiful landmarks and now this city is garnering attention for holding the most coveted international sporting event. it is rio's spiritual icon, christ the redeemer, whose
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outstretched arms welcome all who visit as it blesses its native people and the panoramic landscape below it. >> the monument also represents the friendliness of the brazilian people to all the visitors that come here. >> reporter: standing 124 feet tall, this massive landmark mesmerizes all who come to be redeemed. knott ♪ >> reporter: seven miles northeast of the concrete statue sits one of the city's most colorful attractions, escadaria celadon. the multi-colored marble was created by a chilean artist who lived along the stairs of the bohemian neighborhood of lapa and his vision helped him rebuild they will lap dated steps from outside his home with tiles near and far and it two decades and the legacy of his
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handiwork stays in the minds of the tourists. >> there used to be a lot of drug trafficking and what not, the artist was tired of it all, and he made change for the better. the whole world comes by here every day. >> reporter: as they do to this, the city's most dynamic attraction, rio's famed copacabana beat, a playground for sport, fun and for the thousands who flock to frolic under the brazilian sun. >> i want to enjoy the beach because copacabana is beautiful. ♪ >> reporter: but now rio de janiero's biggest draw is the 2016 olympic games. international competitions spread out across four zones, where more than 10,000 athletes from 206 countries will compete in 28 sports. all hoping to make rio 2016 a golden experience. now raj and janell, what you see
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is the arena number one where basketball is going to be played, and in addition to that there are also five other venues where they will be playing soccer. those are outside rio. here in rio we have the international broadcasting center with 30,000 journalists like myself are work day and night and then you have the olympic village where the athletes live so the only thing we're missing right now is the half million tourists expected to arrive so they can finally say let the games begin. >> jessica, you look beautiful and such a colorful and vibrant city. some great shots you guys got. >> and the big question can janell and i get down there in time for tomorrow night? >> reporter: no. you are banned from these games. i'm the one staying. >> she's working 18 hours a day at least. thank you, jessica. >> very good. we will eel see you throughout the games. jessica aguirre down in rio for us. big news as we begin the olympics. hundreds of russian athletes are now cleared to compete. the world anti-doping agency
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actually recommended that all the countries' athletes be band. however the ioc, international olympic committee, won't go that far. today it gave the green light to 272 russian competitors by none from track and field or weightlifting because of the lingering doping concerns. we are your home, your exclusive home for the olympics. you can catch the opening ceremony right here on nbc bay area tomorrow night. our coverage begins at 7:30. i'm michelle roberts in san francisco where a popular gay bar at risk of closing could seen get some new owners. coming up here, what those owners plan to do with the space. >> also, zika birth defects in california. how health experts believe two months contracted the dangerous virus. plus -- >> he really needs a home. like where is he going to stay? >> an act of kindness ten months in the making. what one woman is doing to give her friend a roof over his head this evening. it's part of our bay area proud
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series. >> and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures dropping anywhere from 5 to 14 degrees. how long this cooler trend lasts in my microclimate forecast. >> when olympic dreams turn into gold. >> it's the real moment when you're actually standing on the podium. >> when determination is on display for the world to see. >> you're out of your mind nervous. you still have this thing where you're like i know i can do it. >> proving once again nothing is impossible. friday, a new documentary about the bay area athletes who brought home more gold medals than most countries. bay area revelations friday at 6:30 p.m. only on nbc bay area. born with severe birth defects
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linked to the we are learning that two babies in california have now been born with severe birth defects linked to the zika virus. california's public health department made the announcement today but did not specify
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exactly where in the state the babies were born. both babies were born with microcephaly. the mothers contracted zika while traveling outside the u.s. there's been no reports of locally transmitted zika virus here in california. >> well, not so fast. an iconic gay bar in san francisco will stay open. some loyal customers have been raising money to buy the stud bar. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at the stud bar with more on this unique deal. tell us about it, michelle. >> reporter: yeah. it's been a grass roots effort after the owner announced that he couldn't make rent after the rent was increasing. now there's a group of about 15 who are working together. they have been raising money, and they are hoping to keep these doors open. >> i hope it is as inspiring as it has been in the past 60 years. >> reporter: mike as sigourney describes the stud as an historic san francisco land mash. he throws a party at the nightclub every week. now he and a dozen partners hope to call themselves owners. >> it's going to be a stud and a place to really see amazing
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performance and dance as late as can you. >> reporter: micah started looking for investors to partner with after the current owner was forced to sell after a new landlord increased rent. >> over doubled, almost tripled. >> reporter: michael mchaney has owned the stud for 20 years. he says he was heartbroken to think the bar would become a memory in san francisco's history. >> the what are our other options, just dissolving and years of community building evaporating in his face and dispersing. >> reporter: he, the building owner and newly formed co-op are negotiating to make a deal. >> certain things too important to let go of and the stud is one of them. >> reporter: a deal that would keep the doors open at a place where regulars say all are welcome. >> keep coming, you know what i mean. >> reporter: if all goes smoothly with the negotiation, the deal could be signed in the next few weeks. reporting live in san francisco, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> well, it's a classic bay area summer spot, but there's a warning tonight about toxic
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algae in the russian river. sonoma county public health officers are posting signs urging people to keep close tabs on their children and pets along the river. tests show there's blue green algae in the water which is toxic. however, it's not toxic enough to shut down the russian river for people to use and enjoy. now you may remember, a dog died last year after being exposed to the algae and for a full list of precautions check out our website >> solving the issue of homelessness in a city like san francisco can seem like an unsurmountable problem but what if you could solve the problem for one person, a friend at that. >> for one san matteo that seemed like something she could do. >> reporter: raj, we first introduced you to lisa and steve in april. lisa decided to give her homeless friend a place to live, not by buying or renting it, but by building it.
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it's moving day on brandywine road in san mateo. the entire house at 1548 is going. no, not that one, this one. >> it's not perfect. >> the one lisa -- >> it doesn't have to be perfect. >> built for a friend. >> a roof over his head and put his feet down. speaking of which i've got to finish the roof. >> reporter: for the past ten months lisa has been building a tiny home in her driveway just so she can give it to steve. her friend who has been living on the streets in san francisco for the past three years. >> he needs a place to live. he's under a cardboard box. >> reporter: lisa knew next to nothing about construction when she started the project but has learned enough through trial and error to get the job done or at least done enough to deliver. lisa says the home is honestly
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just as much for her as it is for steve. she, you see, got tired of crying on the drive home after visiting him. >> it's sad. i just -- i go to its witt him and all he has, everything he owns is in a shopping cart and it's just a bunch of junk. i can't imagine living like that. >> reporter: thanks to lisa now, steve won't be living that way tonight. >> i'm speechless about it. it will take me a while to absorbed it all. >> your doorbell. >> reporter: she knows this home is not a permanent solution for him. lisa just hopes that not having the daily worry about where he'll sleep on his mind, he will be able to focus on the things he needs to do to get his life back on track. >> you see someone struggling, it's obvious they can't help themselves. it's time to step in and help
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them, you know, hope someone would do the same for me. >> a lot of the materials lisa used steve found on the streets in san francisco and would give to her and she incorporated in the house and when we pulled up the other day, the numbers 51 he found those and every house must have an address, that's my address and the first thing they was nailed those. >> it's been great watching the story. day one she started building in san mateo right in her driveway. >> really didn't know what she was doing. took a little longer than she thought it would but it's beautiful. all the wood, a lot of love went into it obviously. >> and he'll get a good night's sleep night after night. >> thanks, garvin. >> a lucky find just made one man $1.27 million richer. he found the ticket and he looked at the numbers and he matched five out of six. he forgot about the ticket.
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it was stuck on the back of a credit card. he plans to set up an education fund. >> i had one that was 500 million, even though i checked the numbers and had a hard time throwing it away. >> one ticket is still out there. >> the superstitious. >> we'll keep dreaming. >> dreaming about the cooler temperatures. >> yeah. >> a little chilly today. finally did arrive. much more noticeable differences across the interior valleys. a look across the sky camera network right now. from walnut creek looking back towards mt. diablo, one of our hotter locations. currently though instead of 90s we're at 74 and humidity also increasing and that is helping to lower our fire danger. currently at 45% and we'll see temperatures dropping into the 60s as soon as 7:00 p.m. tonight. as we take you throughout the rest of the bay area right now, the colder westerly wind and cooler air aloft is impacting the north bay quite a by the right now at 68 degrees for the
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east bay. 72 for the average and peninsula 70 and the south bay right now at 73. tomorrow morning's forecast has more thick fog returning to san francisco and also areas of drizzle. this will be impacting the north bay, east bay peninsula and the south bay as well so not so much of a sunny start for tomorrow and temperatures will begin in the 50s. as we get a look right now, it was pretty dramatic for it the interior valleys dropping 14 degrees in concord and also here back towards livermore, and it looks like this trend will stay in place over the next two days. here's the main reason why. we'll keep the fog in place at the immediate coastline but there's something else working that will keep the temperatures down below average, the jet stream pushing unusually far to the south across the area. a little weak disturbance offshore that will move in saturday and that will help to keep temperatures into the 70s and low 80s across the first part of the weekend. let's get a look at the
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microclimate forecast as we head to friday. 80 expected in downtown san jose and cooler in cupertino. 59 in hall moon bay and palo alto feeling the chill as well with 73 degrees and in san francisco 50s across the marina and also for the mission. financial district, 61 degrees. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-vale, temperatures out of the 90s again here throughout danville and pleasanton. we're looking at upper 70s and more may top out at 81 degrees and cool, crisp air in place across mo valley. san francisco stays on the extended forecast with 60s all the way through the extended period. for the interior valleys another day tomorrow with 82 degrees for the average. we'll stay at 80 on saturday. there's a little warmup that you can notice here. by sunday and monday we're back to the mid to upper 90s and eventually by tuesday 90 degrees. what about rio? the olympics and opening ceremony tomorrow. 82 degrees and sunny skies
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expected for that. so fantastic weather here. also over in rio. i know jess has been really happy about the weather lately. >> i'll bet. >> she looks so good down there. >> great to see her there. >> clear skies for the opening ceremonies. >> thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, one of the largest outdoor music festivals on the west coast and what you need to know for this weekend's outside land festival. >> and an nbc bay area wants to help build impactful communities. launching our 21st solutions offering new and innovative solutions with a chance to earn up to $50,000. visit nobodies bay for more information. applications with due later this month, august 26th.
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1938 comic book debut sold at it's finally over. a standoff with a robbery suspect in san francisco ends after more than 25 hours.
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it's finally over. a standoff with a robbery suspect in san francisco ends after more than 25 hours. fire crews were finally able to detain the man. he was holed up in a home since yesterday. police say he allegedly stole a cell phone from someone on wednesday and was hiding from police. family members describe the man as mentally ill. he was arrested and taken to the hospital. stockton's mayor arrested today. mayor anthony silva is accused of giving alcohol to minors, eavesdropping and endangering the health of a child. federal agents arrested him at his youth camp in amador county. federal agents say their investigations started a year ago when agents confiscated his cell phone at sfo. he was returning from china. they say the phone contained audio of a strip poker game that took place at silva's youth camp involving a 16-year-old. we've learned just in the past few minutes the mayor is out on bail and his lawyer is
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questioning the motive and time of this arrest. he is running for re-election. >> san francisco's annual music fest sal is here. we got a sneak peek inside golden gate park this afternoon, setting up the main stage and all the venues. tickets for the three-day event sell out almost instantly. this weekend's headliners include lionel richie and radiohead. >> ready for rio. next at 5:00, another live report from the olympic village ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremony. ♪
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firt time ever -- the olympics are >> okay. just in case you haven't heard, the world is turning its attention to brazil for the first time ever. this is really cool. the olympics are being held in south america. >> let's check back in with our own jessica aguirre. she's at olympic park in rio. hi, jessica. >> reporter: hi, janelle and raj. you know, half a million people are expected here tomorrow and over the next couple of days for the rio olympic games. security is always a priority when you have a big mega event like this, but in recent years rio really has been plagued by a host of problems. we're talking about political strife, economic issues.
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there's street crime and, of course, always the threat of terrorism as well so coming up at 6:00 i'm going to show you what the brazilian government has been doing to make sure and guarantee that whether it's the athletes or the people who come here these olympics are safe. we're going to talk about security coming up at 6:00. >> rio city officials have said it will be the safest place in the world come olympic time. it's really empty behind you now, so is the park closed right now or just basically no tourists have arrived yet? >> reporter: well, no. the park is not officially open. it the doesn't open until after the opening ceremonies, so right now the only people that you see here in the park is media, some of the olympic volunteers and vips that are coming and going and they bring in the athletes to talk to us, but the athletes are actually staying in the olympic village. this is the olympic park where you see the series of venues. right now the gates are closed. not a lot of us here. >> jessica, that's at 9:30 in rio. go out and enjoy the rio night
5:30 pm
life. see you back tomorrow night for the opening ceremonies. >> we'll see you at 6:00, too. >> bye. >> thanks for joining us here tonight. lways find us online at nbc bay area dot com, and on tonight, tale of a tape. donald trump and the video he claims he saw despite no evidence that it exists. a new firestorm amid new questions about how melania trump came to america. knife attack horror. an american woman stabbed to death on a london street. a florida college professor's wife. five others wounded amid fears of terrorism. what investigators are now saying. major mob bust. a massive takedown straight out of a movie script, dozens arrested on a laundry list of charges. and the americans to watch. some familiar faces, some new hoping to strike gold here in rio. plus matt lauer with michael phelps. why he says this olympics is so different as we reach the eve of the games. "nightly news" begins right now.


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